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Germany X Reader - Enemies.

A few weeks ago you had joined the Allies and you were going on your first mission today after going through weeks of intel and training, even thought you had already studied the war and were a fighter more skilled than any of the other Allies (As they found out pretty soon after you joined) you were finally ready to go on a mission. It was basically a swap were everyone had to attend. The Allies had captured Italy (again) and the Axis had captured France, nether of the captured were ever trusted with information so both sides found it pointless to keep their prisoner and decided on a swap, this was your first mission and all you had to do was stand there and hope all goes well.

You arrived at an abandoned building and walked inside with with Italy, you had to admit you were going to miss Italy's innocent ways, especially compared to France, you too really didn't get along no matter how much he wanted you two too :P. Everyone wore their military uniform and you had also worn a cap and tucked your hair into it, your hair always got in your face and it annoyed you, so you often tucked it away. You met the Axis in a big room and with some sort of hand signal Italy and France both started to walk to their own side. After the swap was done both sides left through separate routs, the others just talked quietly but something felt off, you scanned the area but all was quiet. You raced ahead and scanned the corridors to make sure everything was safe. You were starting to feel somewhat secure when you turned a corner and were almost swept off your feet, you skillfully avoided an ambush by a tall man and managed to trip him over. He quickly got up, you noticed he was the same man you had seen on the Axis, the Allies said his name was Germany, he wore big boots, a green jacket and pants and a cap. He quickly lunged at you, you weren't going to be taken down by just anyone, you were a skilled fighter and he was about to learn that. Both of you were fast, landing a similar amount of punches and kicks, He tried to land an uppercut but it just missed you, only just knocking off you cap. Your hair fell in your face again but you didn't care now, you were to busy. Then you noticed something, he seemed hesitant. You took this to your advantage and landed a hard punch to his jaw knocking his cap off as he landed hard on the ground, he looked up at you and for the first time your eyes met. You saw a crystal like blue, it seemed harsh yet soft at the same time, you were then nocked to the ground. You had hesitated. You had never hesitated in a fight before, so why this one?
"(Name), we have to go!" you heard a voice echoing, your opponent came at you again but you dodged and raced off to join your comrades.

"What happened to you!?" Britain asked in shock.
"Ambush!" You explained "Don't worry, I'm fine!" you chuckled.
Your allied drove you home, but your mind was still focused on the fight. It was the best fight you had ever had, a truly worthy opponent. That was the thought you tried to keep your mind on, but it kept wondering over to the image of his crystal blue eyes. The more your mind wondered into deep thought, the more you had to admit the man was extremely handsome. Especially compared to the Allies. By now your mind was so deep in thought you hadn't even realised France had his hand on your ass. That was until he squeezed it.
You quickly elbowed him in the face and was out of your thought bubble completely.
Luckily by now you had reached your house and didn't have to put up with the wining of how you supposedly broke his nose again.

Unfortunately since you were in a fight, the Allies insisted on coming in and treating you wounds.
You opened your door and was nocked off your feet, landing on your back. This was something you had grown used to, you had a big dog named Bear, who would nock you over every time you came home no matter what time or how quiet you were. You loved Bear, he was a Mountain dog and was, in your opinion, the cutest dog in the world. You had always loved big dogs, they're so much more friendly than little dogs and don't yap at every opportunity. By now you had managed to push the big dog off of you and went to get him some dinner and the first aid kit, as Britain was fixing you up, you noticed how uncomfortable France seemed around Bear, you could use this to your advantage~! After you were fixed up you managed to get the Allies to leave by reassuring them you were fine and then collapsed on you bed peacefully before you were joined by your big lazy dog and you both drifted off to sleep peacefully.

______________________(Le Time Skip~!)______________________

A week or two went by and you had made a complete recovery. You were starting to think the only point of you being in the Allies was to break up brawls and teach them how to fight, which I guess is a bit ironic. But this was your life now.
"Hey, guess what~!" France announced bursting into the room. "Spain is having a party and I want all of you to be there~!"
"Awesome dude! I love to PAR-TAY~!!!" America cheered.
"Yep, and everyone is going to be there, enemies or not!" France continued "And since Spain is neutral there will be no fighting in his home. Oh, and dress nicely, that means you Angletere~! Hohohon." France teased
"Ha ha, very funny frog!" Britain replied, pretending not to care.

You had to admit, a party did kind of sound fun, but you weren't very social, you hadn't really met any of the other countries so this might be a good chance to make some friends!

________________(Le nother Time Skip~! At the Party~!)_________________

When you walked in you felt kind of shy and just stayed around the Allies, France introduced you to the other BTT members and Prussia made a move on you and was then knocked unconscious my Hungary. You liked Hungary, she was a tough girl like you, she introduced you to some other countries, even the Axis members.
"(Name) this is the Axis. This is Japan." she started "And this is It-" Hungary was then cut off by a group hug.
"Hey-a, (Name), How have-a you been~!? I haven't seen you in-a like forever~!" he chimed innocently.
"Nice to see you too, Italy." You replied hugging back.
"And finally this is Germany." she finished motioning to the tall blond who turned to face you.
You both stood there in shock. Not really sure what to say to someone you had tried to kill.
"Hey, nice to formally meet you." you smiled holding out you hand, he shook it and it went back to awkward silence.
"Germany says you are an excellent fighter, Mrs. (Name)." Japan started trying to strike a conversation.
"Ah, yes! I've been training in combat for most of my life." you continued.
"Your very good!" Germany started "I've never faced someone with your skills." At this point you swore you saw him blush.
"I could say the exact same thing to you~!" You chuckled.
He gave a deep chuckle as well, this seemed to shake Japan and Italy, He did come off pretty serious so a chuckle might be rare. This made you feel kind of confident around the tall nation.
"Hey (Name)! Stand here!" Prussia interrupted pushing you over to Germany's side, "Say cheese~! You two make such an adorable couple~!" He teased taking a picture.
"Bruder!" Germany growled and with that Prussia slipped away. "Sorry about him." He apologized.
"It's fine, really." You replied.
"You two should dance~!" Prussia popped up again pushing you both to the dance floor.
"Where does he keep coming from?" You whispered. Germany just shrugged.
"Shall we?" He said holding out a hand.

The song playing was kind of upbeat and you were both enjoying yourself. You were both enjoying the night and you both danced for the next few songs. The third song that came on was slow, Germany put his hand on your waste and seemed to blush and hesitate but felt reassured when when you rested your hands on his shoulders, you both swayed and danced and your eyes met, his blue eyes shined like crystals and you both started to lean in...
"THAT'S ENOUGH, BREAK IT UP!!!" America argued, separating the both of you "Stay away from her, you hear me!?" America yells at Germany.
"(Name), were going. Now!" Britain ordered taking your hand.
"You Guys are making a scene!" You argued.
"I don't care! What were you thinking!? He's our Enemy!" Britain turned to face you when you reached the exit.
"It was just a dance! And everyone agreed to no enemies for the night. Remember!?"
"It doesn't matter! You can't do that! Now come on, I'm taking you home!"
You turned back to look at the dance floor. Germany was still standing there watching you with a broken look on his face. You slowly turned away and left.
The night had been ruined.
You were dropped home without saying a word to any of the Allies and curled up on your bed with Bear.

___________________(Le Short Time Skip~!)___________________

You woke up the next morning still furious and decided to take Bear for a walk to help cool off. You threw on a t-shirt and some shorts and leashed up your dog before heading out the door. Once you left you started to jog, you were still really frustrated and before you knew it you were sprinting as fast as you could, you heard a yelp from behind you and quickly looked back to see your dog struggling to keep up. You slowed down and he stopped, panting behind you, you decided to to just stroll for the rest of the walk so Bear could enjoy himself. He started sniffing at something and you tried to pull him along but he wouldn't budge, he then proceeded to slip his collar and ran off being the silly dog he is. You ran after him and around a tree until you ran into someone.
"Sorry! I wasn't looking were I was going." you explained, grabbing you dog.
"So vas I." came a deep chuckle, you looked up to see Germany.
"Hey~!" you smiled, sheepishly.
"Hey, so this is your dog?" He asked bending down on one knee to pat the attention seeking dog.
"Yep, His name's Bear." you laughed.
"Bear?" He question and you both started to laugh "It suits him."
"So whats the name of your dog?" you asked "and where is it may I ask?"
Germany looked around and scratched his head before giving a loud whistle, shortly followed by three dogs running up to him and sitting obediently.
"(Name), this is Berlitz, Aster and Blackie ." He introduced to his obedient dogs.
"Three dogs!? You are so lucky!" You commented "and they're all so obedient! Why can't you be like that?" you asked your own dog, who then sooked, looked at the competition and then sat with a questioning look. "Much better~!" you laughed giving him a pat.
"So what are you doing around here?" You asked Germany.
"I always walk the dogs here in the morning." He replied "And you? I don't see you here very often."
"Well I usually walk Bear in the afternoon." you chuckled putting the collar back on your dog and then letting him off anyway. "Shall we walk~?" you asked.

You and Germany talked for a fair bit about friends, family, hobbies and even the previous night.
"You know," You started "I never did get the kiss." you smiled up at Germany.
A blush came across his face before he rapped an arm around your waste.
"Shall we dance?" He joked spinning you around.
You came back in and then realised you were in the same position as last night when you were about to kiss. The only difference was that the Allies weren't there to stop it this time. You both leaned in and your lips met, you had never felt like this before and you liked it. You could have stayed there forever but you both had to break for air. You both took each others hand and continued to walk. When you had reached the park gate you both smiled and went your separate ways without saying a word, because nether of you had to.
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Pandassin Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I loved it ! 😁 😙
LostMisty Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much, that really means a lot to me! Sorry about my late reply
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This is a splendid story! Great job!!! Excuse my strange vocabulary 😂
LostMisty Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much!! I don't think your vocabulary is strange at all, :D
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