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GermanyXReader - Enemies Part 2

When you got home you quickly had a shower and started to get ready for work, just as your toast popped the doorbell rang. You shoved the bread in your mouth and put your shoes on as you hopped to the front door to answer it. Every morning one of the Allies picked you up, and today you opened the door to find Britain. You had to admit, you were still really pissed with him.
“Lets go.” you said coldly passing him to the car.
The ride was quiet until Britain finally spoke up.
“I understand that your mad with America and I but we did what had to be done, you can’t date the enemy!” Britain began to lecture “And another thing-” he continued.
“Oh shut up, Britain!” You interrupted.
The rest of the drive was spent in complete silence and you couldn’t help but feel a little bad for snapping at him.

The rest of the day went on pretty usually, the only difference was that you didn’t bother breaking up the fights.
“Are you ok, aru?” China asked.
“Yeah, you seem upset.” Russia added. You enjoyed talking to these two because the  conversation didn’t always end up in a brawl.
“Yeah, I guess.” you replied.
“It’s about the other night isn’t it, aru?” China continued, as you just nodded. “What do you even see in him, aru?” He questioned.
“Well, when we were fighting, I felt kind of like I was versing someone with equal skills, I’d never met anyone like that in my life and I guess I felt we were two of a kind.” you explained.
“I see, aru. I thought is may have just been a physical attraction.” China commented.
“Well, maybe a little bit.” you started :I mean have you seen his eyes?” you finished.
“His eyes?” Russia and China both asked in confusion.
“They’re like ice, so cold and harsh and yet they seem so soft at the same time.” by now you had began to relax and even had a little smile.
“Well, it’s not like he’s better looking than me~!” France interrupted.
“Shut up frog!” Britain went on. “And (Name), you should stay away from Germany, he’s bad news and most of all he’s our ENEMY!!! So just get him out of your mind already.” He rambled, all went silent before you eventually spoke.
“I need some air.” You said as you got up and left.

You sat outside for a long time. You knew you and Germany couldn’t be together, I mean you are enemies. But that same thought made you want to be with him even more.
Eventually you went back inside and the meeting continued with no word on the subject. But you were still thinking about Germany, you wondered if he was thinking about you too. But the thoughts made you sad, so you decided to just focus on the meeting.

_______________(Le Time Skip~!)_________________

The next morning you decided to get up early and made your way down to the park to talk to Germany a little more. You weren’t sure if it was the right thing to do but you didn’t care. You were wondering about, trying to find him when you heard some arguing, you peeped from behind a tree to see Britain and Germany arguing.
“Look, just stay away from her you hear me!?” You heard Britain yell.
“Why should I!? It’s her choice and you should stop meddling in it!” Germany rebutted.
You were trying to keep your dog under control while you eavesdropped, but he was known for being able to slip his collar, and as soon as he did he ran into the open and up to Germany. The two nations looked over to your direction and you slowly emerged.
“(Name), we’re leaving, now!” Britain said coldly dragging you away.
“But-” you started,
“But nothing! Come on now, get in the car!” He argued, pushing you into the car.
He drove you both to the meeting, now you were in an even worse mood that last time and you could tell what the first topic of the meeting would be.

The meeting went on for a few hours and you just sat there in silence. Everyone was arguing about who knows, when you thought you heard the door creek open, you slowly looked over to see Bear walk in and sit next to you. You saw a note tucked under his collar and took it and read it:

            ‘Dear (Name),
       You left something at the park.
                    yours Germany.’

you started to chuckle a little bit when Britain looked over at you and the note.
“What’s that!?” He said grabbing the paper. “I thought I told you two to stay away from each other!?” He shouted furiously.
“It’s not our fault Bear was left at the park, now was it?!” You rebutted.
“You shouldn’t have been there in the first place!” Britain continued to shout.
“So What!? I’m not aloud to walk my dog anymore!?!?” You added.
“Just not with him!” and then the room fell silent. You and Britain both breathing deeply with frustration.
“You know what Britain?” You started. “Germany talks about how the Axis is kind of like a family, everyone gets along, unlike here! So Forget You!” you began to leave.
“Where the bloody hell are you going!?” He yelled after you.
“To join the Axis!” You replied slamming the door.
You heard it open and you were quickly surrounded but Britain, France and America.
“You know dude. I believe we’re aloud to capture Axis members.” America pointed out.
“You I guess you will remain with us.” Britain stated harshly.
“You can’t lay a finger on me.” you chuckled.
“And why is that?” France asked curiously.
“Because until I sign paperwork stating I’m part of the Axis I’m not officially a member. The Allies holding a neutral country captive. What will people think?” You explained as the boys stepped aside sheepishly, you knew that for now you were safe. For now.

_______________(Time skip - Next morning)______________

You got up as usual and leashed up Bear and headed off to the park. you found a bench and sat there for ages. Just peacefully, with no worries or cares.
“Hey.” you heard a voice, you turned your head to see a somewhat shocked Germany.
“Hey.” you replied as he sat next to you. “I quit the Allies.” you said plainly.
“Why?” Germany asked confused “I thought you liked the Allies?”
“Not really.” you went on. “I was kind of wondering if maybe...” you started, avoiding the germans gaze “If maybe I could join you?”
“This isn’t because of me is it?” Germany asked.
“Maybe a bit, but all your stories about the other Axis members, you all seem like a real family. Like you actually get along.” you went on.
“Ja, I guess we do.” You both sat there for a long time thinking, just sitting there. “Come on.” Germany finally spoke as he got up. “We’ll go back to my house and see if the others think you would be a good edition.” you looked up at him and took his hand and smiled.

When you reached his house you were greeted with a hug from Italy as you both laughed. Germany gathered all the Axis members in the living room including his brother and asked them, they all seemed happy to have you aboard except Prussia.
“Why should we?” he started.
“Well why not?” you went on “I know heaps about the Allies, I’m a great fighter, good military.”
“Yeah right, you don’t even come close to my awesomeness.” He said poking you arm mockingly. You grabbed his arm and flipped him on his back.
“Still think I’m no good?” You chuckled.
“We’ll have the paperwork ready by tomorrow.” Japan spoke
“Welcome bella~!” Italy tackle hugged you “I’ll make pasta to celebrate~!”
For the rest of the afternoon you just chilled with the Axis members and got to know them and Germany said he would pick you up tomorrow.

You entered you house feeling terrific, but stopped dead when you saw Britain, America and France in front of you.
“What do you want now?” you asked casually and quite frankly fed up with then.
“Britain, has something he would like to say.” France said nudging him.
“(Name), I’m really sorry for the way I treated you and I would love it if you would come back to the Allies.” He said sincerely.
“Thank you,” you began “But it’s to late, I’m signing the documents tomorrow, I’ve spent one day with the Axis and I already feel more at home and excepted that I ever have.” You explained.
“Seriously dude? fine we’ll miss you.” America said giving you a hug.
You then shook the other two’s hand as they felt, you did feel a little bad for ditching them, but in the long run everyone would be happier.

The following day Germany Picked you up bright and early and you all met at his house. Everyone signed the paperwork to welcome you to the Axis and you all had pasta for lunch. The rest of the day was pretty fun, and you were finally were your heart lies.
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