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GermanyXReader- Enemies part 3

Life with the Axis was pretty fun, you would all train in the morning, go over some plans during lunch and relax most of the afternoon. Even Gil was beginning to warm up to you, and you and Germany were even starting to get a bit more serious. ;P
For once your life was perfect, sure there was the occasional battle or fight, but it was all just part of life during war.

The days went on as usual for a week or so after you joined, coming home unfortunately was the least enjoyable part of the day, you missed the company of the others but it was good to have some peace, but on a particular night, something felt off as soon as you were dropped off, you walked up to your door, half expecting in to be open or broken, but it was normal, you shook off the feeling as you proceeded inside, something was missing, something was different but you couldn’t quite figure it out.
“Bear?” you called out through the empty house. “Hey, where are you?” you went  on. entering the living room.
“Hello, (Name).” came the all to familiar voice, you turned to see Britain sitting in your armchair.
“What do you want?” you scowled.
“We came for you.” came another voice, you turned to your left to see America, then turned to see France behind you.
“It wont be as easy as you think~!” you mocked, you were outnumbered, but you were more skilled.
“Well, you are greatly outnumbered.” Britain approached you.
You through a punch at him and he fell to the ground before you knocked America and France down as well, you still felt uneasy, you approached Britain and was about to deliver the final blow when something grabbed your arm. You tried to shake free but the clench just kept getting tighter, you turned to see glowing violet eyes, Russia was always hard to bring down, with ease he tossed you across the room like you were nothing.
“Very good,” You heard Britain say as he got up “Now lets get her back to headquarters.” as the sentence finished you were surrounded by blackness and lost consciousness.

You awoke with a sharp pain in your head as you gritted your teeth before you felt a cool weave being wiped across the pain. You looked up and managed to focus your gaze on China. Even though you were enemies, China was still a good friend.
“Thanks.” you managed to croak out.
“I’m sorry for throwing you so hard, (Name)” you looked past China to see a very sorry Russia.
“It’s fine, we’re enemies now, I don’t expect you to go easy on me.” you chuckled.
“Good to see your alright, aru.” China sighed in relief, finishing tending to your wounds.
You all looked up as the heavy doors creaked open and the remaining Allies entered. Britain approached you and smirked.
“You thought you could get away, did you? Betraying us. Well I hope your happy, I didn’t want to have to do this.” He spoke darkly, you spat in his face. He wiped it off in disgust and knocked you to the ground. You just started to laugh. “What’s so funny?” He spoke enraged.
“You still don’t get it do you?” You teased, “This was never about betrayal. It’s just something a heartless bastard like you will never understand.” you explained.
“Shut Up!!!” He ordered you. “You are in no position to speak to my like that!” He shouted.
“Hmf, God your bossy, no wonder America needed a war just get away from you.”
The room fell silently awkward as you smirked devilishly, you had clearly struck a nerve. Britain just started to walk away and signaled for the others to follow him. But he stopped at the door.
“We’ve already sent the ransom note no the Axis.” he finished as he left.

You sat there in shock, wondering how the other member would take it, you had to get free, you wiggled your arms and tried to loosen the ties but it was no use, they were just too tight to slip. You began to worry about what the Axis would think of you, maybe prussia was right in saying you weren’t cut out for this war. No! You’d gotten to involved in this war to quit, even though there wasn’t a way out you knew you had to escape. Somehow. As you sat there thinking you heard foot steps outside the door, you stared at the door waiting for it to open, not sure who it would be, it slowly creaked open and China looked around the door of the cell.
“Are you ok, aru?” He started “I brought you some food.” he went on placing a tray in front of you and untying the ropes before leaving, “Make sure you eat it all, your going to need your strength.” he seemed to be avoiding eye contact and sounded worried for you.

You knew what they were going to do, basically whatever they could to get any information out of you, well thats what they would say it was for, they just wanted payback. But at least now you could move and had a fork, not that useful but it will have to do. You finished the food and started scraping the fork on the ground to sharpen it before grabbing the plate and hiding behind the door. You waited there for almost an hour before you heard something, you could faintly make out 2 sets of footprints coming down the hall, with muffled voices, one was very loud so you thought America, but you couldn’t make out the other. The door swung open as you raised the plate above your head and America rushed in frantically trying to find you, you quickly lowed the plate down hard on him knocking him down before stabbing the fork into the shoulder of the second person, it was France, you’d always wanted to stab that pervert. You quickly took off as fast as you could to find the exit, as you neared you heard shouting behind you and started to pick up the pace scanning over your shoulder, as you did so you ran into something and fell back, you looked up to see russia looking evilly down at you.
“What do we have here?” he asked, with a cynical smile. “You can’t escape from me little dove.” Hi chimed.
You got up and ran the other way, luckily there was another corridor to go down, and this one led to an exit.

once outside you kept running for a good 10 minutes before finding a good place to hide in the brush. You heard shouting and vehicles, and your heart was bumping frantically, finally everything died down and you got up and began to move again.
“Where do you think you’re going?” you heard an all to familiar voice. You turned to see Britain pointing a gun at you, “You thought you could get away from us, huh?” he smirked with a dark chuckle, you scanned and saw the others surrounding you in the shadows. “Why do’t you come with us and everything will be fine?” he asked approaching you.
“Go fuck yourself.” you said landing a punch. He got up slowly, laughing with a cynical grin.
“You really think you can win this?”
“Yes.” Came a deeper voice from behind Britain.
You both turned to see Germany, Britain scanned the area as the Allies hiding in the shadows emerged as the Axis instead. Germany started to walk past Britain to see if you were ok and you nodded reassuringly as he stood beside you.
“I Won’t Be Defeated!” Britain called frantically fiddling with his gun.
“Give it up, you’ve lost this one.” Prussia pointed out.
“Like hell I have!” He called again raising the gun at you and firing.

You closed your eyes and waited for the pain to hit, after a little while you opened your eyes not sure of what happened, standing in front of you was Germany, you watched in horror as he fell to his knees, Prussia quickly tackled Britain and got the gun off him whilst you went to tend to Germany.
“Are you ok?” you asked frantically.
“I’m fine, just a flesh wound” He chuckled gritting his teeth in pain. “As long as your ok.” and he gave a weak smile as you helped him to his feet. Prussia and Japan dragged Britain behind you as you made your way to the car.

When you arrived back at Germanys house you and Japan removed the Bullet and patched Germany while Prussia tied up Britain. Italy sorta just stood out of the way.
“Why did you have to make such a mess?” Came a weak voice from behind you. You turned to see Britain looking down “Why couldn’t you have just listened to me?”
“Why?” you started “Because your not my dad and you don’t own me, I’m free to make my own choices!”
“Ha.” He began “You really think you have any idea what you’re doing? Your lost! You should have stayed with us!” he looked up at you, piercing green eyes.
“I did what my heart told me to do and I have no regrets.” You began “The Axis has been like a family to me ever since I’ve joined.”
“Family?” Britain laughed “This is War! You really think these people care for you?” He mocked. You stepped back and fell silent for a bit.
“Yes. We do.” you turned around to see Germany trying to get up.
“I care for-a her too~!” Italy chimed.
“As do I.” Added Japan
“She is pretty awesome I guess.” Prussia commented.
“I love (Name), with all my heart.” Germany Started approaching the prisoner “And no one can tell me otherwise. Even if you choose to deny it I love her.” He finished, turning to you with a gentle smile. “Ich Liebe Dich (Name), for as long as there is light in this world. I’m so happy your safe.” he leaned in and your lips met in a passionate kiss that you could only wish to last forever. When you broke you both turned to a very shocked Britain looking at you both.
“I’m sorry.” He started as his head drooped, “I never realized how much you cared about each other and I thought you were making a big mistake. I’m so sorry. The Allies won’t signal you out anymore, (Name).” He finished.

As the room fell silent you walked over to the sincere man and untied him. He looked up slowly with a confused expression and you just smiled as you helped him up.
“I wish you all the best for the future.” He wished and with that he left

The Allies had finally accepted what you had left their side, and you stayed where your heart truly lies. With the Axis members, and with Germany.
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September 14, 2016


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